Two Criminals Assault a Photographer

Two Criminals Assault a Photographer

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Submitted on: June 27, 2011

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Lots going on in this photo but the two criminals with arrows pointing at them are the focus. Of course IDing any of these morons is a good thing.

They attacked a photographer by the name of Cameron Brown, leaving him with a concussion and stitches. Cameron’s crime? Photographing criminals at the riot.

Many photos are now on a Facebook photo album with many of them being screen captures of the video below at 2:58.

Crowd Views: Vancouver Canucks Cup Riot 2011
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You can also view the two morons in the photo from this post in this video from a different angle. Perhaps that will help with an ID?

Vancouver Riot - Green Truck Turnover
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  1. Anonymous

    Worse, Cameron Brown was trying to put out trash fire by turning a trash bin upside down to cut off the oxygen. He was doing a heroic deed, but obviously, offended the firebugs.

    THANKS for posting this, Dave.. :)

  2. Anonymous

    PS: Cameron Brown welcomes information or tips to be sent to him at &/or

    Thanks for stepping up.

  3. Anonymous

    The one wearing shades, aka ‘green-brim cap’ aka ‘brassknuckles’, was videotaped flipping the green truck outside the Post Office.
    Information here, with link to video:

  4. Anonymous

    About ‘Washington nutshot’ aka ‘green nutshot’ guy in the light grey jacket (yellow arrow):-

    Seattle Craigslist chatter: (*THIS LINK contains several other photos of green nutshot guy in the riot)

    From the above links:
    “Scott and he lives in Wenatchee with his parents last I knew”.
    “He lives in or is from Ocean Shores and used to go to UW. His old roommates name was Marcus and he was a Abnormal Psychology major. He is, also in trouble at the UW for graffiti so stay away! I already contacted the Grays Harbor police.”
    “Yeah, I know that guy! He lives in Marysville, near the train tracks! Name is Mark Peterson, dropped out of UW because of drug use. Used to date my roommate, but had a hygeine problem. Went back to live with his parents in Sedro Wooley.”
    “No I am pretty sure that the first guy is right and his name is Scott I used to go to school with him in Wenatchee. I think his last name is Bogart. His whole family is kind of messed up. I hear from some friends back in Wenatchee that he moved to the Seattle area to get a job. You sould check there.”
    “That’s not some guy called Scott, that’s David Wollitz! He’s from Sequim, but moved to Seattle to be an ‘artiste’ and all-around misunderstood whatever.”

  5. Anonymous

    ‘Green arrow’ (aka ‘green-brim cap’ aka knuckleduster, messed with fire-fighting Cameron Brown when the latter was down on the ground. See image:

    ‘Yellow arrow’ (aka ‘Washington nutshot’ aka ‘green nutshot’), kicked fire-fighting Cameron Brown when the latter was down on the ground. See image:

  6. Dave

    @anonymous – I will edit the video around the 51 min mark and post just the green brim hat guy piece here.

  7. anonymous

    Green-brim cap guy also firebug, arsonist.

    So, his crimes: assault, arson, vandal.

  8. anonymous

    The guy on the right with the arrow (grey hoodie) is named Benson. I went to UBC with him in 2009-2010. Can’t for the life of me remember his last name but he was a UBC freshman in 2009 if that helps

  9. Dave

    @anonymous – thanks for the Benson ID. If you remember any other details, etc. please post here.

  10. i owe back taxes

    Stunning quest there. What occurred after?
    Take care!

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