Ash Gayat – Tough Guy Punches Window and Young Man

Ash Gayat – Tough Guy Punches Window and Young Man

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Submitted on: June 27, 2011

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This moron tough guy – now known to be Ash Gayat of Nanaimo – assaults a much smaller man here:

Oh shit..... VANCOUVER RIOT 2011 FIGHT
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He punches a window at 1:42 in this video:

Vancouver Riot Video - Fight and more carnage
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  1. Anonymous

    Top video, tall dark guy:

    Bottom video, tall white guy in black cap & dark jacket with white zippers:
    Clear facial closeup:

  2. Josh Cohen

    This monkey should be hung.

  3. Anonymous

    Tall dark guy picking fights, ID’d in this article as Ash Gayat.

  4. Keeperofthederp

    i really believed chelsea’s story when it first broke, but i also remember her boyfriend as being one of the douchiest rioters when the first images and videos were put online that night and through the following weeks. derp.

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