Blenz Coffee Files Lawsuit Against Rioters

Blenz Coffee Files Lawsuit Against Rioters

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Submitted on: June 23, 2011

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Thank you to Blenz Coffee President, George Moen’s, kind phone call and support of this website. Hopefully Rochelle Jalbert, Chelsea Andrews and others are brought to justice quickly.

Here is a quick news hit from CKNW:

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Blenz Coffee Files Suit Against 150 People After Vancouver Riot
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Here is a press release from Blenz:

Blenz Coffee today commenced legal proceedings in the Supreme Court of British Columbia as a result of the extensive damage to three of its Downtown Vancouver stores during the June 15th, 2011 riot.

In addition to the damage and theft, a Blenz Coffee franchisee along with two staff members and a customer were trapped in the back room of one of the stores. “They were terrorized for over two hours,” said George Moen, President of Blenz Coffee.

The store at West Georgia and Richards was completely demolished and looted and remains closed. Two stores have been repaired and have been reopened for business.

“Luckily, none of our customers, staff or franchisees were physically harmed, but the psychological trauma to them has been devastating,” said Moen. “We can repair our stores, but people’s lives and businesses have been irreparably harmed.”

“Violence and vandalism, mob-induced or not, is never acceptable,” said Moen. “What happened on June 15th was not a video game. We take this very seriously.”

Blenz has extensive video and still picture evidence of the damage and looting of its three stores. In the civil lawsuit it filed today, Blenz is claiming civil damages for the property damage and theft, as well as punitive, aggravated and exemplary damages and Special Costs.

Blenz Coffee was founded in Vancouver, and we know that the actions of a few are not representative of the whole of Vancouver.

“We expect the individual perpetrators involved in the riots to own up to their responsibilities”, said Moen. “We will name and serve individual defendants. We are offering them a chance to get in front of the civil suit we have filed. This is an opportunity for those involved to do the right thing and accept the consequences for their actions.”

Blenz is willing to consider all voluntary acknowledgments of responsibility from those responsible and attempt to work toward an early out of court settlement.

Settlement offers may include admissions, apologies, return of Blenz property and acceptable arrangements to compensate Blenz and its franchisees. Those responsible should contact Blenz Coffee or its legal counsel immediately.

Blenz Coffee
Suite 300 – 535 Thurlow Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V6E 3L2
ATTN: George Moen
(604) 682-7770

Legal Counsel
John Douglas Shields
Shields Harney
490 – 1177 West Hasting Street
Vancouver, BC V6E 2K4

George Moen, President of Blenz Coffee, is available for media comments at (604) 317-3453.


  1. Gillian

    This is excellent.

  2. Vanc Guy

    Hope all of these losers get sued. It’s not like the justice system will deal with them. After hearing that not one of the losers from the Winter Olympic protests was prosecuted – I’m not holding my breathe for this lot. These shop owners should be deducting something from their city taxes. Gosh knows the Mayor, City Mgr and the Chief of Police let them down. Our constables were outnumbered and put in an impossible situation – thanks to lousy leadership as far as I can see. I’ve heard the city mgr actually got on the police radios to try to order them around? How crazy is that lady? Denies them funding then tries to take charge?

    I spit on the losers that trashed my city but I also expect more from our HIGHLY paid officials.

  3. jackmeoff

    Really just a waste of time and money buy Blenz. Do you or they think any of these LOSER RIOTERS have big wads of money? And if so the losers can file for personal bankruptcy,any one can if you owe more than a thousand bucks here in Canada. You can’t bleed blood from a stone and next season all businesses should board up their shops with plywood and close early on any playoff game night!

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