Dustin Anderson Likes To Punch Firefighters When Drunk

Dustin Anderson Likes To Punch Firefighters When Drunk

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Submitted on: June 22, 2011

Category: ID'd,Violence

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Thanks to your tips and CBC’s footage this criminal has been ID’d.

His name is Dustin Anderson, 22-years-old from Vancouver.

Dustin Anderson Vancouver Rioter on CBC
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  1. Howcho

    Wow what a coward, who in their right mind punches a fireman? Please show this clown no mercy!

  2. Shocked

    Wow, let’s hope this stupid fat sack of crap gets the book thrown at him. So funny, he feels bad, bad that because after being outted it is affecting him personally, what a self-absorbed fat turd.

  3. Dave

    Fatboi (Dustin) has a facebook page about him http://www.facebook.com/pages/Arrest-Dustin-Anderson/238202642859751

  4. Dan

    This terrorist needs some serious jail time. I personally would pay for the first 2 years of his stay in jail if need be.

  5. Vanc Guy

    Typical coward. Makes me puke!

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