Mob Destroys Green Pickup Truck

Mob Destroys Green Pickup Truck

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Submitted on: June 19, 2011

Category: Car,Vandalism

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Vancouver Riot - Green Truck Turnover
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  1. Shanni

    One moron on the right FINALLY figured out how to undress himself! Won’t Mom be proud.

  2. anonymous

    Guy on the roof ( grey hoodie) is named Benson. Was a UBC freshman in 2009-2010. Can’t remember his last name.


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    Take all the time you need and do whatever you want. I think that blogs should be an outlet, not a burden. Write about whatever the heck you want, post pics, you name it. I hope you are getting some rest!

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    I can’t hear anything over the sound of how awesome this article is.

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    [..YouTube..] hi i think that u and mandy should make more shows that would be cool if u let people meet u. how come ur stoping hannah montana i love that show and i love you

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