Darren Watroba – Hipster Moron Destroying Police Car

Darren Watroba – Hipster Moron Destroying Police Car

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Submitted on: June 19, 2011

Category: ID'd,Police,Vandalism

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Darren Watroba will hopefully soon be brought to justice for helping destroy a police car. Bet he will soon be feeling so emo.


  1. TJ

    Hmmm… again, this sorta looks photoshopped. The colours and the contrasts just don’t look right somehow. I could be wrong…

  2. Dave

    @TJ – not photoshopped and comes from a good source. Click on the photo to see the whole view. Bad crop on my part.

  3. Derek

    Possibly Darren Watroba, who proudly admitted to taking part…


  4. repo

    It’s obviously Darren Watroba, and he’s been photographed and filmed dozens of times in the same spot. If it was photoshopped what the hell was the point?

    I actually came here because of the globe&mail article and it is such a non-story. First off, there were hundreds of cameras at the riot capturing footage from numerous angles. Most of the people that will be identified will have several pictures and videos of them taken. If there are photoshopped pictures, 99% of them will be spotted a mile away. The 1% that are good enough to fool other people would need a host of other photoshopped images AND video to corroborate that anything illegal occurred.

  5. Me

    That for sure is not Darren Watroba. He does not have dreadlocks. And he definitely is not a hipster. The one time he’s ever had dreadlocks is on his facebook profile pic but that was ages ago.

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