Chelsea Andrews Girl In Blue Smashing Window

Chelsea Andrews Girl In Blue Smashing Window

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Submitted on: June 19, 2011

Category: ID'd,Vandalism

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Thank-you for the tips from several people here including an ex-boyfriend how said he did not mind if I mentioned the ex-bf part.

Chelsea took down her Facebook page – but before she did we noted Born Aug 3, 1992, studied at Douglas College until 2010, now NEA Sponsorship Recipient (2010-2011) at SFU, worked at Safeway in Surrey….and this info was forwarded to the Vancouver Police and Blenz.

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Go to 3:20 of this video to see her criminal activity.

Vancouver Riots: June 15, 2011
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  1. Vancouverite

    And as this facebook photo shows, she was looting the Blenz Coffee too:

  2. hockeymum2005

    This girl is Chelsea Andrews – she’s 18 or 19 and is from Surrey. Not willing to have my real name on here, but you can email me and I will talk to you.

  3. watching

  4. yes

    Born Aug 3, 1992. Studied at Douglas College until 2010, now NEA Sponsorship Recipient (2010-2011) at SFU.

    Graduated from Seaquam Secondary.

  5. bobby uncle

    cute girl, but dumb as a brick

  6. watching

  7. Vancouverite

    Chelsea Andrew’s Facebook profile picture can be found here:

  8. Dan

    I would like to see these terrorists sent to hard labour work camps for 3-5 years minimum. Perhaps that will wipe the smile off her face as she is committing acts of terrorism against the good people of Vancouver.

  9. Fabio

    Maybe somebody should send Blendz’s lawyer this site’s link.

  10. Blonde Girl

    Are you sure the blonde in shorts is named Rochelle? She looks like L. Hall from Seaquam in Delta.

  11. Dave

    @blondegirl – seems that both IDs of these girls are correct.

  12. John

    She got named today by the police! Hurray! Go to jail and serve some time.

  13. Jon

    And will be appearing in court on Feb27.

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