Thugs Trash and Tip Car

Thugs Trash and Tip Car

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Submitted on: June 17, 2011

Category: Car,Vandalism

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    Indo-Canadian in blue jersey: Sukhjeewan Grewal, graduated from Princess Margaret Secondary. Works at strawberry hill cineplex odeon.
    Indo-Canadian in black T-shirt with red lettering: Aman Aujla, graduated from la matheson last year


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    I doubt most Israelis consider this to be "A Moment of Truth" You mean more so than Oct 1973 or June 1967 or Summer 1982????? As for West Bank, it is nothing like Gaza. This is just typical hyperbole we hear from some of Israel's US supporters. Most Israelis dont share such views.

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    Roligt att läsa om dessa Pamfletter. Det skrivs mycket intressant på våra högskolor och universitet som bara värmer bokhyllor och servrar. Visst kan jag känna mig åsidosatt som en av alla bloggare långt ner på listan. Men jag får i alla fall ut mina tankar till den som vill läsa mitt inlägg.

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